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Scientific Consensus and Global Warming

Some of the most bizarre debates I have with people are not about religion, or even creationism, but of all things, global warming!  Although I must confess that most of the global warming deniers I debate are also highly religious … Continue reading

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Michael Shermer asks, What Is Skepticism, Anyway?

de omnibus dubitandum That is my motto, which translates to English as “everything must be doubted!” If was going to get a tattoo, this would be on my short list (along with either a soccer ball or something from Lord … Continue reading

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Why Mars Matters

Late Sunday night, August 5th, NASA scientists and science lovers across the world bit their fingernails as the USA’s latest rover, Curiosity, hurtled toward the thin Martian atmosphere at a zippy 13,000 miles per hour.  Then, through a series of … Continue reading

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The Age of Things

This post is as much for my benefit as it is anything else.  I’ve spent a couple of hours piecing together the various ages of things that I think are pretty darn awesome.  Estimates here are of course based on the latest … Continue reading

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North Carolina moves to outlaw disagreeable climate science

In a move that would make The Onion proud, North Carolina lawmakers have decided to tackle global warming threats to their coast in one of the most asinine ways one can imagine. When faced with potentially frightening scientifically derived sea-level rise predictions, they are simply outlawing … Continue reading

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To engage or not to engage Creationists, that is the question

A few weeks ago I posted this letter written by a group called Christians4Science.  The group is organized out of the Villa Rica Church of Christ in Villa Rica, Georgia and while they claim that their goal is “for children to receive … Continue reading

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Georgia Science Scores Top the South

Climbing up to average may not sound like much, but here in the traditionally scientifically-challenged South, the results for Georgia’s eighth-graders on the 2011 National Assessment for Education Progress in science is something to write home about. According to the … Continue reading

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The 1968 Classic: Powers of Ten

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How Do Smart People Believe the Earth is 6000 Years Old

I was discussing with a Facebook friend, my perceived threat of a rising spirit of anti-intellectualism in America and the conversation sort of indirectly turned to what it means to be intellectual in the first place. The specific point my … Continue reading

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The Scientific Method Isn’t Really That Hard

We are unabashed science fans.  But what makes science so, well, awesome?  In a nutshell, it’s the method by which scientists make sense of the world and ultimately add to the body of human knowledge. It’s how we learn in … Continue reading

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