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Sandy Hook Truthers Are Real

As a brief follow up to my earlier vent regarding the Sandy Hook Massacre conspiracy theory bullshit and how these freaks have now turned on Sandy Hook resident Gene Rosen for playing a part in the rescue, I have since … Continue reading

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What the hell is wrong with people – Sandy Hook a government conspiracy?

Apparently some gun nuts out there believe that the Sandy Hook massacre is a government sponsored cover up to drum up public opinion for gun control.  So these morons have decided to harass some of the bystanders who actually stepped … Continue reading

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North Carolina moves to outlaw disagreeable climate science

In a move that would make The Onion proud, North Carolina lawmakers have decided to tackle global warming threats to their coast in one of the most asinine ways one can imagine. When faced with potentially frightening scientifically derived sea-level rise predictions, they are simply outlawing … Continue reading

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A Thank You to Facebook and the Republican Primary Debates

The title of this post could also just as easily be, “how to wake a dormant humanist.” Three Republican party primary debates are in the history books.  There now is a crystal clear picture of candidates who – if belief … Continue reading

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