Sandy Hook Truthers Are Real

As a brief follow up to my earlier vent regarding the Sandy Hook Massacre conspiracy theory bullshit and how these freaks have now turned on Sandy Hook resident Gene Rosen for playing a part in the rescue, I have since discovered that my son’s college roommate is in fact a real Sandy Hook Truther.

What the actual F*CK! These people actually exist!  While disconcerting in and of itself, the fact this particular individual is also a rabid gun rights advocate is downright alarming.

Here is the combination that now keeps me up at night: my son sleeps 10 feet from a guy with both an unnatural gun lust and an obscene disconnection from reality.

About Ryan

Ryan is a science advocate, history fan, amateur polemicist, consultant, and soccer player, dreaming of being a writer. His first book project is about critical thinking. He blogs regularly about debt and personal finance at He is available for writing projects on a number of subjects. Contact him at dadindebtblog at gmail dot com.
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2 Responses to Sandy Hook Truthers Are Real

  1. Jason says:

    What scares me is that condescending morons exist in the world. Elitist that believe they have a higher mental standing because they accept uncorraborated testimoney as fact.

  2. Thanks for the comment Jason, but if I can read between the lines, I think you’re conflating two versions of reality. The one you want versus the one that exists.

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